AquaBella AquaGlo Facial Treatments

aqua glo facial system

Abrasion-Free Hydra Peeling Liquid Facial System: Adjustable vacuum-massage allows cleansing and hydrating solutions to consistently unclog and gently cleanse pores, aqua-foliate dead skin cells, and extract keratin, sebum, blackheads, or other impurities. Simultaneously, the hydrolyzed treatment tips smoothly glide across the skin, dispersing and infusing solutions where the skin cells are regenerating. Special finish protocols with unique serums to treat all skin types.

Benefits of AquaBella Facial

  • Gentle Liquid Exfoliation
  • Deep Pore Cleansing
  • Hydrating Skin Glow
  • Beautiful Skin
  • High Performance Aqua-Cosmetics
  • Abrasion-Free Exfoliation
  • Gentle Liquid-Infusion
  • Immediate Glow!
  • Visible Results!
aquaglow facial treatment map
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